The BMA Leadership Team


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Jean Marc Lafleur


I am an ambitious, deeply motivated individual. Driven to open up a whole world and make it my oyster. I am an avid alpine skiier, hobbyist kayaker, and a feverish stock trader. (Go Bulls). Joining the BMA has opened me up to a great group of like minded business people; together we are taking the bull by the horns.

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Tirth Joshi

VP of Finance

I had my experience in pharmacy but I have now realized my passion for business and I am in my second year of BMGT program. I joined BMA in the light of fact that I am included by similarly invested  students that are eager about business and tossing magnificent events. Looking forward to create a wonderful experience for all students at BMA and make connections with the school of business, industry and community.


Jonathan Kang

VP of Marketing

I am currently in my second year in the Business Management program. I entered BCIT after completing my undergraduate studies in Psychology at UBC. I have a background in sales and customer service, and enjoy creating new connections with people. I played ice hockey in Korea for 6 years and enjoy playing guitar, watching movies, and eye shopping for sneakers. I joined the BMA in hopes of creating new experiences for our members and expanding its network.


Vanessa Camara

Senior VP of Business Development

I am an enthusiastic, passionately driven person. Taking on my second year of Business Management in BCIT's School of Business. Having graduated high school shortly before entering post-secondary, I entered BCIT's fast-paced world zealously. Determined to take on its challenges and offerings full-time while working a sales position part-time. I see my current role within the BMA as a great opportunity towards helping myself and others with a future wherein my contributions will greatly influence a valuable change in the world currently, and the one I wish to shape after my time here.


Jim Hou

VP of Operations


Jim Hou is the Vice President of Operations in Business Management Association. He was originally a student in the study of Physics in UBC but has decided to transfer to BCIT to learn about the art of business. Beyond academics, he is passionate about the economy and its influences on the stock market.

“My objective as a VP of Operations in BMA is to ensure smooth transitions for each BMA project. So, students from various backgrounds can easily build rapport and form networks in our events”.


Madison Scheuren

Director of Sponsorship and Events Management

I am currently a second year Business Management student. I have a passion for travelling and volunteered in Costa Rica prior to attending BCIT. As a waitress for the past three years, I have grown to love high-intensity work places and thrive in people-oriented settings. Organizing events has always been an interest of mine, as I enjoy seeing people come together to share positive experiences and develop strong bonds. Aside from school, I have always been interested in fitness, the outdoors, nutrition, and overall wellness. I look forward to working with new and old faces and to have a wonderful year with the club!