The BMA Leadership Team



Alicia Yurechko


After working as an Event Manager first year, I have decided to put my enthusiasm and creative efforts to joining the executive team, working with this years event managers and help bringing the program together. I entered BCIT determined to take on the full-time course load while working part time as an admin at a yoga studio. I think being apart of this club serves a great opportunity to connect not only with students in our set, but connecting them to each other and valuable people in this community. Outside of school, I am interested in fitness, painting, and dance. I am looking forward to this amazing semester!


Clara Wong

VP of Finance

I am currently in my second year of Business Management. I entered BCIT straight from high school and used my first year to adjust to the program. During my second year, I decided to become more involved at BCIT and take on an executive position in BMA. Iā€™m looking forward to the opportunity to build connections with first years, and strengthen the community between the Business Management program. In my free time, I like to eat, do yoga, and study.


Catherine Nguyen

VP of Marketing

I joined the BMA in order to help strengthen the knowledge and connections available to all Business Management students. A pivotal part of BCIT includes taking advantage of the environment and resources, which is why I wanted to be apart of this network that helps students advance forward in their careers. As the VP of Marketing, it is my goal to inform students of upcoming BMA events and networking opportunities through various channels of social media. You may also see me working as a Student Life Ambassador around school. Be sure to lookout for cool events coming your way this year!


Caleb Leung

VP of Events Management

I have always had a passion for business growing up.  Now, as a second year student, I took my first steps into the business world.  I joined the BMA as VP of Events to help broaden my skills and experience in the industry.  As VP of Events, I am excited to plan new and innovative events for first and second years.  Like every student, the climb from the classroom to the office is difficult path.  My goal is to provide an easier passage for these students in a safe and friendly environment.  Outside the BMA, I enjoy the outdoors, politics and video games.  I look forward to working with all of you!


Shadi Shabaviz

VP of Operations

I am currently a second year Business Management student. I have 12 years experience of sales and customer service. I came to BCIT to advance my education and my career. This year, not only am I the VP of Operations in BMA, I am also a mentor for the international students' mentor-ship program. My objective as a VP of Operation in BMA is to connect with new people and to build connection with first year students during upcoming BMA events. I also want to help all BMGT students to build their networks in our events.